Renato Votto

Software Developer
at Castleton Commodities International
European Power Asset Optimisation

All things quantitative.

Algorithmic Trading, Quant Development, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Python, C++, SQL. I genuinely enjoy and thrive on developing software for automation, finding algorithmic solutions for complex problems and optimising programs.

I am an alumnus of the Quantinsti EPAT (Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading), which I completed developing a final project titled "Trading Tesla with Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis". Before enrolling in EPAT, I had also completed Machine Learning and Data Engineering studies. My background is in Energy Engineering.

Currently working at Castleton Commodities International as Front Office Software Developer within the European Power Asset Optimisation team, where I am responsible for developing and maintaining a platform based on machine learning, quantitative models, and visualisation tools, built to support the trading desk. I previously worked as analyst at the Office For Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem), where I was mainly involved in the development of software and tools for quantitative analysis and systematic identification of market manipulation.

Why Quanti Frutti? I started this blog to share, consolidate and expand my knowledge about software development for quantitative trading and to connect with other enthusiasts of this field.

Cryptocurrencies enthusiast, avid rock and roll listener whether I'm coding or not. Mediocre guitar strummer, when I'm outdoor you might find me taking weird photographs.